Freight and Trucking Factoring

We Provide Freight and Trucking Factoring Services for your Freight Bills

Let us TRANSPORT your accounts receivable for CASH

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Freight and Trucking Factoring is an efficient process for Truckers to be paid immediately for the load they are transporting. Most times the shipper they are working for does not pay upon delivery of that load.

Freight Factoring of those bills of lading allows you to be paid immediately for the job that was completed. You will have the QUICK CASH to allow monies for operating  costs or maintenance on equipment and fuel costs.

Does your freight and/or trucking company need CASH to increase your load volumes? Our Freight Factoring Company will provide you with the needed CASH ADVANCES to provide you the opportunity for growth. This financial solution is accomplished by our purchase and collection of your freight bills for up to 95% of their value. This process also strengthens your credit status. With this CASH after approval from the value of your waiting to be paid freight bills you will have no worries paying for fuel and daily cash expenses or need to expend time and money on waiting 30 to 60 days collecting from slow paying customers. Actually you collaterize yourself from your own freight bills.

We Factor one Truck to Trucking Fleets either Established or Start Ups

With the WORKING CAPITAL you will receive from your freight bill financing your truckers will be paid immediately instead of you having to wait for the shippers to pay you to pay them. Your load volumes will increase and your drivers will be more reliable. You will eliminate any payroll problems and increase your income.

Factoring is not a loan. No debt to repay. No credit check on you.

Your own credit score will strengthen. We can verify the creditworthiness of your shippers before you sign their contracts.

We offer you Fuel Cards and Fuel Programs. We also offer you optional services for management of collections and payroll processing of employees and suppliers. You will benefit from more efficient cash flow management which will give you that extra time to market your freight/trucking business.freight-factoring

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