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Why not use the value of your Invoices?    Turn them into Cash!


 Your company decides on the number of invoices or freight bills or receivables you want to factor. Base your decisions on how much steady working capital you require. We will discuss the factoring advantages.

Factoring has been proven to be the most effective financial option especially for small and new businesses. It also provides unlimited benefits to all sizes of businesses and companies in all industries and trades. It is a financial tool for all business to business transactions needing stability.Factoring Network

As our experienced account managers are available 24/7 to personally guide you, we can approve your application within 24 hours and fund up to 95% within a few days. They provide you with the expertise on how to utilize the value of your invoices to optimize your business goals. Once you become an established account with proven credit worthy customers the funding turnaround becomes quicker. Then you’ll be able to understand factoring explained.

Our rates are low and competitive. No hidden fees or obligation for the QUICK QUOTE or APPLICATION.

Factoring your accounts receivables exceeds every financial option offered to small companies for quick and dependable working capital. Staffing companies in all fields depend on quick cash from factoring for their constantly revolving payroll, as do transportation and trucking companies for their freight bills. No debt to incur as this cash is not a loan. We offer construction factoring.


This financial tool not only gives your business that dependable steady flow of cash, but most importantly lessens your collection and payroll worries giving you more time for marketing and recruiting along with advanced payroll funding.

This will allow your company to spend time on your customer services to existing and potential customers. These monies will stabilize your day to day operations, assist in meeting deadlines or sign new contracts.

WE OFFER FACTORING TO                  

Start Ups and New Businesses               Existing and Established Companies

       Companies and Businesses and Service Trades of All Sizes

    Trucking       Transportation         Freight Distributors           Freight Carriers

      Temp or Employment Staffing       Medical Services Staffing     Construction

        Food Service Providers      Gas and Oil and Energy    Utilities   Financial Services

           Information    Technology      All Business to Business Financial Transactions

We are funded by a leader in the factoring business established in 1969 with millions of dollars funded yearly. The Factoring Network will immediately connect you to one or more of twenty-three regional offices throughout the US and Canada. It will prove to be one of your company’s best financial decisions.