Broker Factoring

BROKERS: We are your Choice Resource for Factoring

We offer our financial services to Factoring Brokers representing all fields and trades of business.

Whatever businesses or industries whose financial portfolios you represent, you have now connected to the most experienced and Broker specific factoring source. We encourage you to refer from Start Up’s to established firms with recent or long established successes in their marketing niche. They trust you to assure them that the credit Master Roasterworthiness of their customers is the basis for funding through a factor. Their financial portfolio need not incur debt through a bank loan. The cash received from the factor you refer them to by handling the transaction for them will stabilize their CASH FLOW.  They will be able to pay their own Accounts Receivable on time and thus strengthen their credit rating.

High Commissions

Broker Factoring was specifically established to market and concentrate on Brokers whose clients keep our economy going forward. You give them the confidence your factoring connections will guarantee them funding. We are dependable and efficient in servicing your client’s need to factor their invoices or Accounts Receivable. Our company can provide immediate funding and pay you a generous commission.

Your broker business grows steadily as you refer your accounts to us because we provide you with the funding your clients depend on. You will continuously strengthen your credit history with us and your funding advances will be increased. Repeat business for Brokers is the basis of success.

We Offer Immediate Funding for Freight Brokers

Factoring for Brokers offers all freight brokers in the industry to contact us. We know how long it takes the shipper to pay. With the cash advances we make available you will be assured you will pay your carriers immediately upon the freight load deliveries. This favorable financial practice on which you will operate will keep your carriers available and dependable. With the volumes of business you can negotiate better terms and increase your profit margins. You might possibly be able to establish a referral program and offer bonuses for increasing amounts of freight volume.