Builders and Construction Factoring

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We offer Builders and Construction Companies Financial Factoring Solutions for Business

Let Us Build up your CASH FLOW!

In the construction trade your company must have a steady cash flow for day to day operations. Materials and supplies need to be paid for before delivery. You must keep up with maintenance and repairs on your equipment.


Your workers need to be paid weekly to keep them reliable. Marketing funds are necessary to keep your  company name out in front! 

You must have the capital necessary to bid for new or bigger jobs as the opportunity arises.WORKING CAPITAL from Builders and Construction Factoring will prepare your company for all transactions and proposals as they are offered.

It will eliminate any hesitation or worry you may have to take on new projects.

HOW? By using the VALUE of your INVOICES waiting to be paid to you!

We have years of experience in factoring Construction companies so we understand how long it takes for your receivables to be paid!  You use their value to COLLATERIZE your own capital. It is like loaning cash to yourself. The difference is that you do not pay it back! It is not a loan. No need to borrow from a bank to incur debt and pay back in worrisome monthly payments. For a small fee for service you can immediately receive 85-95% from your invoices. You will receive funding within 24 hours of approval. We collect from your clients. We take the risk! Once established with us we will check the credit status of new projects before you sign the contract.

We Personalize your Financial Needs Specific to your Trade

The CASH ADVANCEMENT you will be funded from our factoring company will stabilize the CASH FLOW of your Commercial or Residential Construction Company. This solution will allow you financial advantages to purchase materials and supplies and hire workers to meet the demands on your current or future projects. This cash will assist in increasing production to possibly complete jobs before the dreaded deadlines. In construction favorable referrals are based on completing those contracts within the time frame that was agreed upon. Bonuses are even possible if those available funds allowed you to once again finish the project ahead of schedule.

We Factor all Trades in the Construction Industry:  and More!

Surveyors/ Architects/ Engineers/ Excavators

Plumbers/ Electricians/ Carpenters/ Drywall and Stucco Installers

Painters/ Heating and Air Installers/ Roofers/ Masons/ Cement Suppliers

Tile/ Carpet/Flooring Installers and Landscapers