Business Factoring Explained

Business Factoring ExplainedBusiness Factoring Explained summarizes the financial process of Accounts Receivable and Invoice Financing. A financial service offered for Business transactions.

Cash is advanced to you by a FACTOR from the value of your due “pending to be paid to you” invoices. Why wait for those 30, 60, 90 days to receive payment?

 On this page Business Factoring Explained will show how you can use the value of your A/R’s as collateral and how you can utilize the services of  the Factoring Network for immediate CASH to provide WORKING CAPITAL. You can use this funding for any expense to stabilize your company. You will be charged NO fee to apply, and a very LOW fee for cost of the transaction. NO HIDDEN FEES.

Once you are approved and funded we collect from your debtors and assume the risk of collecting! You avoid having to take out a Bank Loan that not only takes time and worry to qualify, but adds DEBT to your financial portfolio.

business-factoring-explainedFactoring allows our company to collect your A/R’s from your debtors by utilizing their VALUE to fund your own capital.