Choosing a Factor

What to Ask and Look for when choosing a Factoring Company?

The Factoring Network will offer you this and MOREchoosing-a-factor

? Did they respond quickly to your phone call, email, or submittal of the application?

? Was the rep courteous, willing to listen, enthusiastic, answered all your questions with factoring services expertise, and understood the specific needs of your business?

? Were you first offered solid financial factoring options without the obligation of having to immediately “sign on the dotted line”?

? Did they inform you of No Upfront Fees to APPLY? AND our Low Fees for service?

? Were you informed that you have the option of how many of your A/R’s you can choose to factor?

? Upon your request did they quickly submit references specific to companies like yours that they provide with their factoring services?

? Did they offer to connect you and submit your APPLICATION immediately to one of our 23 plus regional offices in major cities throughout the United States and Canada?

choosing-a-factor2? Were you offered other financial options through their financial referral NETWORK?

? Did you research the year the factoring company was established to ensure the success of their longevity in the factoring service business?

? How was your website experience on their site? Was their website simple to navigate, understand, and informative?