Distribution Factoring

Distribution Factoring better manages your CASH FLOW

Is your CASH FLOW management difficult because your Accounts Receivable are being distribution-factoring2paid too slowly? Are you worrying about your daily cost of operations waiting 30 to 90 days to finally receive the money owed to you? Is your distribution business steadily growing but becoming more challenging to pay your own bills and make payroll in a timely manner? Will more dependable capital make your company more profitable?

Distribution Factoring is the answer to all your financial concerns.

Companies that use distributors such as importers/exporters or suppliers and resellers must get their service or products to their targeted customers. Your company may also be a warehouse for various vendors or even product or equipment manufacturers. You then must distribute their products through a shipper. Whether you distribute through trucking or air or rails or containers by sea your company must have access to steady WORKING CAPITAL to pay for the services received from the shippers to efficiently distribute the goods for your customers. As the distributor of their products you might both possibly ride the ups and downs of demand. Your cash flow also has to be able to withstand any circumstances that affect your business. Continuous CASH FLOW will keep you prepared.

A Wise Financial Option and Solution to Utilize Factoring for your Distribution Company

Through Distribution Factoring you can quickly access the assets of your Accounts Receivable. By accessing their value you will receive a large percentage of their worth almost immediately. You are utilizing the financial strength of your A/R’s while strengthening your own credit status. With the WORKING CAPITAL distribution factoring provides, you will be able to pay your accounts and make payroll when due.

With added working capital for Distributors and Manufacturers factoring will allow them to purchase more inventory and raw materials and make payroll and hire more workers.

This factoring financial option will allow you in negotiating for more profitable contracts and pursue new business opportunities.

NO upfront fees to Apply and no hidden fees in the qualifying process

Low Cost of Service Fees as we offer the lowest fees in the trade

High Percentage Funding depending on how much you want to factor