Factoring Benefits

factoring-benefitsWhat businesses benefit from Factoring?

We offer financial options for business to business transactions providing a service or product.

 All businesses in every service or industry can wisely benefit from using a Factor. This alternative prevents incurring debt from a bank loan. Using your A/R’s will strengthen your CASH AND CASH FLOW AND WORKING CAPITAL for day to day financial stability. Businesses that are Start Up’s or established either large or small are our customers throughout the US and Canada. If you are a franchise we welcome you. Funding from factoring improves your credit score by enabling you to pay your bills faster. The Factoring Network will check the credit worthiness of your potential customers before you enter into a new transaction. This is to lower your risk of nonpayment after providing services or products. With a constant turnaround of cash back to your business by factoring you can offer better terms to your customers by not having to wait for them to pay!

You will benefit by letting us take the risk. You will not need to spend time and money collecting your invoices. You will be able to concentrate on your day today operations.

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Factoring Benefits