Machine Shop and Manufacturing Factoring

Both manufacturing businesses and machine shops very often experience cash flow fluctuations that effect financial stability and can lead to financial worries that can challenge any business.

Our factoring network can quickly and easily connect your company to the financial solution of factoring your receivables or invoices.machine-shop-factoring

Factoring uses the value of your accounts receivable as collateral for Cash Advances to provide Working Capital to financially stabilize your company. Your credit history is not considered as factoring is not a loan. Bank loans take time to qualify and incur debt and require monthly payments. Factoring uses the credit worthiness of your customers. We take the risk of being paid on your invoices.                        

                                    Factoring is your solution for Fast Cash.

There are no upfront fees to apply. No hidden fees in the Application process.

You decide how many of the receivables your company wishes to factor. Our fees for service are very low.

Our Account Managers are experienced and knowledgeable in your specific business. Acquaint yourself by clicking here on the OUR COMPANY page.

Benefits that Factoring can provide your Companyafbdf

The benefit of funding received from factoring will provide your shop or manufacturing facility with working capital to enable you to purchase and maintain your supply of raw materials to possibly complete your purchase orders before their deadline. No more worries about daily operating costs or money to meet your payroll. Cash reserves to maintain or repair or purchase new equipment. Cash to purchase or lease new machines to produce a new product for a new customer. Your own credit score will improve as you will pay your own receivables on time. You will be in a financial position to receive trade discounts for early pay. And you will no longer need to spend on more important marketing time and funds on collecting your receivables.