Medical Staffing Factoring

We offer Medical Staffing Factoring for the the most effective financial resolutions on how to convert your Accounts Receivable or Invoices that your staffing company is waiting 30 60 90 days to be paid. Cash Advances solve your problems.medical-staffing-factoring

Why not use their value as collateral to infuse your day to day  operations with that CASH you need for your WORKING CAPITAL?

We Offer You a Way to Meet your Staffing Demands!

This option of Medical Staffing Factoring will certainly provide you with that stability you worry so much about with the CASH FLOW you need immediately. This will not only meet your weekly or monthly payroll but can also increase your hiring opportunities.

We Offer You a Solution to Have a Safer Budget!

Medical Staffing Factoring allows your Staffing company to negotiate profitable terms with your clients while knowing you can turn around and use the value of what is owed to you quickly.medical-staffing-factoring-2

This financial option allows us to prequalify the creditworthiness of your potential clients to avoid nonpayment risks. It insures you being able to keep your good credit score by being able to pay your own receivables.

Through our factoring services for Medical Staffing Agencies we also offer financial options to all aspects of the Healthcare Industry:

Clinics Temp Medical Staffing Agencies
Doctor and Dental Offices Home Healthcare Agencies
Hospitals Out Patient Facilities
Nursing Homes All related Healthcare Systems