Oilfield Factoring

Oilfield Factoring will prepare you with a gush of CASH for this BOOM!

Your Oil Field Company needs to be prepared with WORKING CAPITAL on your accounting books to not only continue to fund current business ventures. That cash will guarantee you will CAPITALIZE on new opportunities for you that are on their way!

Collateralize your own Company!oilfield-factoring

Accounts Receivable Factoring is the simple financial solution of providing you with that CASH FLOW that will not add debt because factoring is not a loan. The simple financial process of factoring allows your business to use the value of your own receivables that are due and pending to be paid to you as your own collateral to receive CASH ADVANCES.

Our Application and Approval process is simplified!

So no more worries about inconsistent cash flow. We offer funding ASAP within 24 hours after qualifying and approval. No fee to apply. No hidden fees that tend to pop up during the process! You can receive up to 96%
CASH ADVANCES on your invoices. You can decide what Accounts Receivable you want to factor. Our fee for services is very minimal. No need to wait those 30 to 90 days to be paid.

Once you factor with us you can concentrate on operating and planning to grow your business instead of expending time and money on collections. We take the risk! Your credit score is not evaluated. We verify the credit history of your current invoices and pre-qualify the credit worthiness of your future customers before you sign those contracts. We offer financial advice on all our programs for you to evaluate and select. If we somehow cannot assist you we will refer you to other experts within our network.

We Service Your Businessoilfield-factoring-1

Factoring for Oil Field Companies is the choice factor in your field. Experienced and established. We provide services to all the following companies and businesses it takes to get that BLACK GOLD to market:

  • Service companies for Maintenance and Repairs of Equipment
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers of Oil extraction related equipment            
  • Drilling/ Pipeline Providers
  • Land Surveyors/ Graders/ Excavators 
  • Staffing Agencies that provide Experienced and Qualified Workers
  • Trucking/ Transportation/ Freight companies for Hauling and Transporting related materials
  • Equipment Providers for Sales and Leasing
  • Housing Providers