Why Staffing Agencies Should Choose to Factor With Us

Staffing Factoring

Attention Staffing Agencies needing CASH!

Staffing agencies should choose to factor with us. We are the factoring company specifically created as your niche factoring service to provide Staffing Agencies with cash from their Accounts Receivable or Invoices. This quick cash will lessen any worries your agency may have to fund their weekly or monthly payroll. You actually use the value of those invoices as your own collateral. NO LOAN. NO DEBT.


Our account managers are knowledgeable on how your staffing agency must operate to keep in business. You must meet the staffing demands of the companies and businesses that depend on you to send them qualified employees. You have a constant need for cash flow you expect from the invoices due to you from your customers to be paid regularly. With the financial option of factoring we can purchase those invoices for a quick turnaround of that cash into your account. You choose from one of our many programs catering to the staffing business.

Staffing Factoring encourages you to discuss whatever your financial needs are with us and how we can assist you. No OBLIGATION. We are funded by a 40 year plus company in the factoring business, Riviera Finance.

They consistently report annual sales of over $900 million. We offer over 23 regional Offices in major cities throughout the United States and Canada. We proudly state that we have a high retention rate within our factoring network.