Staffing Factoring

Staffing Factoring offers Account Receivable and Invoice Factoring to all Staffing Companies: staffing-factoring

Temporary  Staffing
Medical Staffing
Employment Agencies in the Healthcare Industry.

CASH ADVANCES for Recruitment or Payroll Funding and Marketing.

When your staffing agency uses our Staffing Factoring services we collect on your outstanding invoices. Staffing Factoring was specifically established to all aspects of the staffing trade. We qualify and handle the transaction with the clients you decide on to factor their invoices. There are no minimum or maximum amounts to factor. We also will provide you with the credit status of your potential clients. Our fee for cost of services is very low. Our fees fit into any budget. Your company makes a wise decision because of the opportunities factoring can offer. Approval and funding comes simply and easily once you apply.

We provide you with funds that are already yours. You incur no debt.

Meet payroll demands with no worries. Screen and hire more qualified workers.

Offer and provide more industries and businesses the staff they demand.

 Expand your client base beyond security or temp staffing or medical staffing.

Save time and money on collecting and waiting on those 30 to 60 day Accounts Receivable.

The Cash you Need will always be There!staffing-factoring-2

With up to 96% upfront from our cash will always be there to negotiate more profitable contracts.

Your company will be able to demand bigger discounts from your suppliers.

Funds for payroll will always be there.

You can count on the cash into your account within 24 Hours.

The financial stability factoring can offer your company will allow more time for advertising and marketing decisions.

With the credit lines our Staffing Factoring company offers you will have continuous access to your own funds in your account from our advances from your Accounts Receivable.

So why wait those 30 60 90 days to be paid?