Start Up and New Business Factoring

Our company is committed to provide your newly established Start Up or New Business a financial solution by factoring your ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE. Start Up companies of all trades and industries or businesses that are less established or newer companies have minimal credit histories. They experience limited financial resources. They also have no experience in unrealized and unexpected daily operating costs.

The financial option of factoring lessens or eliminates the financial challenge of your business plan once you open for business.start-ups-2 By utilizing the value of your ACCOUNT RECEIVABLES you can immediately get CASH. You are actually collateralizing yourself by using the worth of your invoices already due to you.

Factoring will advance cash for Unexpected Expenses

Instead of waiting 30 60 90 days for your receivables to be paid you use the face value of those invoices to provide you with WORKING CAPITAL to manage your CASH FLOW.

Most importantly it avoids your Start Up or New Business from having to acquire debt with a bank loan. As a new company you will have difficulty qualifying. A bank loan will incur debt that will need repayment.

Whatever specialty business niche your Start Up business or industry is in, this immediate funding will provide you with working capital which is vital for any business to succeed. We collect the invoices you factor from your customers. We take the risk!

start-upsContact us now. We will quickly respond. Our experienced and knowledgeable account managers in Start Up or New businesses will easily guide you through our simple qualifying process. Once approved you will receive funding within 24 hours.

You could receive up to 96% of the value of your Accounts Receivable. There is a low fee for our cost of service. There is no fee to apply or no fees hidden in the qualifying process.