Who We Factor

Who We Factor

We specialize in all Industries and Businesses that WISELY seek to establish a stronger financial portfolio. 

Who We Factor? Any Business that has decided on the financial option of FACTORING to use their outstanding INVOICES or Accounts Receivable as their collateral.

For all kinds of industries FACTORING is a fast, quick and easy solution providing short term cash without incurring debt from a bank.  We exchange CASH for your “pending payment” invoices to benefit your bottom line!

Companies of all Sizes that offer all types of services that need Quick CASH access for Working Capital to stabilize their CASH  FLOW and accelerate their growth.

The Factoring Network facilitates Factoring and Other Financial Options to the Businesses and Industries listed below, or to any Company that provides a Product or Service to another business.

We serve all states with over 23 Regional Offices throughout the Major Cities in the United States and Canada.

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