Why Choose Us

 The Factoring Network anticipates that with this information on our Why Choose Us page your company will choose us to meet your financial needs. We connect your business with our 23 regional offices in major cities in the States and Canada whatever your field or niche of business. We fund the Cash Quickly!

Our rates are low…not hidden or upfront to apply. You can receive up to 96-97% of the value of your invoices and only factor the invoices you decide.

Our Factoring Network offers your business over 40 years plus years providing expertise factoring services from a giant in the factoring industry. By choosing the Factoring Network your company can expect financial options with why-choose-us-numerous solutions for your cash flow concerns.

By deciding to factor with us for an immediate or long term financial solution for factoring your accounts receivable and invoices or freight bills or bills of lading we will offer the following:

  • Years of Expertise
  • A Simple and Easy qualifying process
  • 24/7 Availability and Dependability
  • Prompt cash “fixes” to your monetary situation
  • Capital from those invoices you are waiting to be paid
  • CASH without incurring debt from a bank
  • Financial stability for you to consider new marketing programs and expansion options
  • No more time and expense spent on trying to collect on those past due 30 or 60 or 90 day invoices
  • We collect on your invoices so you can focus on your day to day Operations

 Our Website menu conveniently allows you to click here to review a list of the DOCUMENTS REQUIRED to prepare you for the factoring process.